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  Dot Yandle Financial Services, LLC

8037 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28226


Client Experience

 "Our promise is to strive to exceed client’s expectations at every opportunity through the superior care of their wealth and in their ongoing relationship with us."

We strive to provide our clients with an outstanding and memorable experience. Our clients are our highest priority and our actions will always communicate our dedication. It is our clients specific goals, not their wealth, that hold our interest. Only after thoughtful listening and gaining a deep understanding of our clients concerns are we are able to make sound recommendations about how to manage wealth. We want our clients to leave our office with a sense of calm about their finances, security about their future, and real enjoyment in working with us to accomplish the things that matter most to them and their families.

Warm, Welcoming, Engaging

Imagine a firm that is always happy to see you and hear from you. We maintain a small and personal firm feel with the resources and expertise of a larger firm.

We offer ongoing opportunities for our clients to connect with us by hosting events throughout the year that are either educational or social. Online engagement with our clients through our website, social media accounts, and newsletters are other avenues we stay connected with our clients and offer relevant and timely financial news and tips.


We are skilled at financial planning and have an innovative approach to growing wealth and limiting risk, however, when we are together with long-term clients, the conversation often turns to something entirely different: their life experiences. If you have never worked with a financial adviser before, or  have not had the relationship you were looking for, we hope you will contact us.